In Concert – Larkin Poe Live at Oosterpoort Groningen (June 8, 2022)

When I read Larkin Poe would be performing live at the Oosterpoort in Groningen, the Netherlands, I bought tickets straight away. That was in 2020. Now I guess everyone knows why the concert was postponed.. And even though it was a long wait, it was worth holding on to my ticket and wait two years for the concert!

I had been following Larkin Poe, the band of Rebecca and Megan Lovell, on social media for a long time and was really happy to see they would be touring Europe. The Oosterpoort Groningen is a perfect venue for concerts like this.

Big enough, but not too big. This creates a certain intimacy and allows contact between the bands and the audience because it is not too massive. It also allows me to get close to the bands and take pictures! Lucky for me, De Oosterpoort (and most bands) allow this.

Ryan McMullan

The concert started with Ryan McMullan’s support-program. With a lot of humor and interaction with the audience, he played a beautiful acoustic set. Original songs, a cover of Prince (Purple Rain) and an acapella Irish Song at the end. No pictures. I tried but the lighting wasn’t bright enough.

Rian’s CD’s were sold out – but, .. there’s a new album coming out soon, so check his website!

Larkin Poe

The sound at De Oosterpoort was very good. Loud, yes. As usual. So I won’t be seen there without my earplugs – and for the Larkin Poe set I did need them.

Larkin Poe performed most original songs including songs from the album I bought at the concert, “Venom & Faith”. Rocking blues, roots music, southern rock paired with great vocals, fabulous guitar and slide guitar playing. They also played Preachin Blues (Son House), John The Revelator (traditional) and Come On In My Kitchen (Robert Johnson), though they very much gave their own swirl to it**. The drummer and bassist did a great job as driving rhythm section allowing the ladies to shine even more.

What can I say other than that I enjoyed every minute of it?? Just like the rest of the audience. The atmosphere was great, the sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell in great shape; laughing, talking in between songs, having a blast and entertaining the audience from beginning to the end.


A few short sound clips make it clear how this fantastic band sounded. Below it are the pictures.

I left with a nice collection of pictures and, of course, one of their albums. Want to know or hear more? Check out their website:

Pictures: Larkin Poe Live at Oosterpoort

(click on a picture to enlarge)

**) additional information added from Sieb Kelder Art (Youtube).

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